Don’t piss me off

This Comments Policy is for your benefit, not mine. You need some guidance as to the boundaries for acceptable commenting on this blog. I don’t, since I am the sole and final arbiter of whether your comment is acceptable. (My blog. My rules.) You need to understand this before you post.

Additionally, the guidelines below are not set in concrete; they are subject to revision at any time. I will edit, delete, ban or mock your comment at my discretion, with or without warning. I may also inconsistently apply the guidelines according to my whim, my mood, the weather, PMS, Jupiter’s aspect to Mars and how deeply you piss me off.

Simply put, don’t piss me off.

What WON’T piss me off.

  1. Constructive Debate
    I do not expect to live in an echo chamber. A range of views expressed in civil discussion are welcome – providing commenters adhere to the other guidelines.
  2. Respectfulness
    Be respectful of others in your comments.
  3. Open Mindedness
    An open mind is a wonderful thing. You may think my views are utter tripe, but I encourage you to inform yourself on the issue at hand before telling me I am wrong.

What WILL piss me off.

  1. Intolerance or Hate Speech
    Any hate speech, bigotry or intolerance of any kind (e.g. racism, sexism, homophobia, misogyny, religious intolerance, fat hatred, etc.) will result in your immediate ban from commenting on this blog.
  2. Diet Talk
    While this blog is welcoming of all people regardless of where they place themselves along the size acceptance spectrum, please understand this: NO pro-diet or weight loss talk will be tolerated on this blog. Not even if you call it a ‘lifestyle change’. Not even if you are doing it ‘for your health’.
  3. Concern Trolling
    Any post that has even a faint whiff of Concern Trolling about it will be deleted. No questions asked. No appeal.
  4. Rudeness
    Avoid name calling, insults, put downs or ‘blaming and shaming’. See also ‘Intolerance or Hate Speech’

8 Responses to “Comments Policy”

  1. 1 kitthappens Friday, 25 January 2008 at 5:42 am

    Hello there, I’m from Melbourne in Oz. I’m just not sure if and how I join up so I can post here. I just got net access after a 3 year net drought. I sooo want to get into the subject of fat and fat acceptance now that I think I’ve got the clarity to do so after having what I think was a breakdown after being harrassed at work (from everything to being fat, single, living on the wrong side of town etc etc). I was outnumbered by the bastids, Im usually known for my humour, even willing to put myself down for the sake of a laugh and acceptance. Now, after years of good counselling, a dope smoking spree and a great new job, I’m ready to kick some arse :) I hope you’ll add me to your members.

    Cheers, Kitt

  2. 2 Fatadelic Saturday, 26 January 2008 at 1:58 am

    Kitt, you can post here without being a member, but I do moderate first time posters (you might have guessed that I get a few troll posts). That said, though, you can join WordPress if you want a blog of your own or Gravatars if you want your photo to appear next to your comments.

    And welcome!

    • 3 Robert Thomas Tuesday, 27 February 2018 at 4:35 am

      Kitt, I am sorry you too had to go through all that. It’s almost a female mirror image of myself. From age 4 and yet to this day, I have been overweight, I AM as far a the Dr.’s and others think. BUT I think I was meant to be this way I INHERITED a lot of what I am, I have been told I am a spittin image of my great grandfather. Yes I had to buy HUSKY clothes I was chastised and punished by my gym teachers, and in races I still came in in the middle of the group. I’ve been teased by many people adults included, but I know most are simpletons that have to use what available ‘ammo’ they can readily see and think of to shoot you down with. And like you I was no dummy when it came to intelligence, I graduated in the the top 10% of HS and was !st in my college class with over a 3.95 GPA, and ok maybe bragging a bit. my IQ is somewhere between 125 and 135 ….JUST THINK how smart I COULD HAVE BEEN if I had just been a skinney little thing. OH I forgot to tell you I was good in football and am a Power Lifter too. BUT I’m STILL FAT….Would love to hear from you personally some day Kitt.
      Just BIG OL’ ME

  3. 4 Marie Denee Friday, 9 January 2009 at 5:00 pm

    Found you on Twitter! Thank you for the follow… I love your Blog! Work it my love and keep it Curvy!

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