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That damned Angel in the Kitchen is invading our boardrooms and battlefields! Oh noes!

So – like the Victorians before him – Clive Hamilton sees women’s role as moderating the worst excesses of men. What’s the point, he asks, of women stepping out of the kitchen if they can’t be all sweet and nice and fill our boardrooms and parliaments with rainbows, lollipops and purring kittens.

So the far-reaching social change envisaged by feminism in the ’60s and ’70s attains its pinnacle with targets to put more women into boardrooms and cabinets. But why bother putting women into boardrooms if the corporations they run continue to despoil the environment, evade their taxes and pay their chiefs obscene salaries?

What is the point of women in cabinet if, to get there, they must be fed into party machines, then extruded as those who can be trusted with levers of power, competent managers of a dysfunctional political system?

And rainbows, lollipops and kittens – not to mention women – have no place on the battlefield! He goes on:

One day, when we have been shaken from this collective reverie, we may find ourselves asking what it means when those who had once pacified the beast have gone off to join it.

Truly, it seems we haven’t gone far beyond the concept of the ‘Angel in the Kitchen’ if we are looking for women to be the ‘Angel in the Boardroom’ or “Angel on the Battlefield”.

Let’s drop the gender essentialism, shall we?


Introducing ‘Fatadelic plus’

You may well have noticed that I haven’t had much time or energy to post frequently on Fatadelic for some time. Partly this is due to life getting in the way, but also partly because I prefer to blog more substantial posts here rather than emphemera (that wasn’t always the case, but blogging as a whole seems to have become far more serious in tone over the past few years).

But I’ve realised that I acutely miss sharing the interesting bits and bobs I come across, that I miss having fun with blogging.

So I have started Fatadelic plus on tumblr. which is still focussed on Fat Acceptance and Fat Activism issues, but just a bit less serious. I’ll be linking to my favourite bits from awesome fatosphere blogs as well as other things I enjoy or have found interesting along the way – even what I am reading, watching, consuming (you know, like blogging used to be). I hope you’ll find it interesting, too.

But if that’s not your cup of tea, I will still be blogging here when I have something more substantial to say – which may be more frequently if I don’t feel the pressure (I’m perverse like that). And I am also on Twitter.

Sins enumerated

In response to the Howard Stern hate-fest (those people are vile! many, many, many sanity points required.) and the examples of “concern” being expressed for Gabourey Sidibe’s “health”, Pursuit of Harpyness has hit the nail on the head:

Gabby’s great qualities are negated by the size of her body, in some people’s eyes.

Gabby’s sins are two-fold:

1. She’s really fat.
2. She doesn’t hate herself for it.

To which I would add:

3. She’s stylish and fabulous.
4. She’s successful. In Hollywood.

A surprisingly Fat Accepting vintage ad

This ad for children’s clothing has got to be the most Fat Accepting vintage ad I have ever seen. It’s not perfect (it has kids standing on scales along side other kids eating and playing), but it’s more size positive than most. The transcript is below the image. [via vintage ads]

Why are some people fat and some people skinny?


Why are some people fat and some people skinny?

We get fat or skinny because of the different ways our bodies use the food we eat.
Some children eat only a little and still get fat.
Others can eat and eat and still be skinny.
When we eat more food than we use in playing and growing, some of the food is stored in our bodies.
That is what fat is: stored food. Everybody has some.
People who have only a little are skinny.
And people who have a lot of stored food are fat.

Every child — fat, skinny or in-between — looks just right in Health-tex.
All the clothes are the handsomest, sturdiest, most comfortable way to dress boys from 6 months to size 8 and girls from 6 months to size 6x.
Everything Health-tex makes is washable, and lots are treated with permanent press for no-iron ease.

Defeating Dragons

I remind myself that ALL dragons can be defeated…

The creature laughed scornfully. “I,” it said, “am frightened of nothing.”


“Nothing,” it said.

Charlie said “Are you extremely frightened of nothing?”

“Absolutely terrified of it,” admitted the Dragon.

“You know,” said Charlie “I have nothing in my pockets. Would you like to see it?”

“No,” said the dragon uncomfortably, “I most definitely would not.”

There was a flapping of wings like sails, and Charlie was alone on the beach. “That,” he said “was much too easy.”
Neil Gailman, Anansi Boys




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