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Upside Down Minni

Uploaded from my mobile phone. Ain’t she cute?


Minni (another sms photo)

Minni (sms photo)

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Catch Up Post

I start back at work tomorrow after 2 weeks leave, so I suppose I had better post an update now.

Life continues to be pretty busy, but we did manage to slow down a bit over the Christmas/New Year period. We went up to Mum’s on the Thursday before Christmas (Christmas Eve Eve??) so that we could do all the cooking for Christmas dinner in advance. John did most of it, and it went down well, especially his macadamia and apricot stuffing.

Actually, although we had planned to do the cooking this year anyway, as it turned out it became very necessary. Mum’s pick line became infected the day before she was due to have chemo, so they postponed her treatment so it could clear up. She had it taken out, eventually, and a port put in. But it meant that her chemo treatment had to go ahead on Christmas Eve of all days. She managed to eat and be sociable on Christmas Day itself due to the heavy duty anti-nausea medication she was taking, but the next few days were pretty rough for her. I stayed on at her house to help out, while John went back home for a couple of days.

Hayley and Stuart have just moved into a beautiful place – it fronts onto a lake, and they back onto a river (in fact, their backyard ends at a private jetty). They have a cabin in their backyard, so they invited John and I to stay there for a couple of days. What a lovely lifestyle. You can watch the sun rise over the lake while black swans glide across it (although I never got up early enough to see the sunrise) and watch the sun set over the river while fishing off the jetty. Hayley’s father-in-law even brought the boat around on Sunday, so we barbequed and boated all afternoon.

Their cat, Stormy, is funny. He loves watching the ducks and other water birds on the lake, but he’s still not 100% comfortable with the running water in his back yard. One morning, I looked out from the cabin and saw him, back arched, looking really freaked out. I crept up behind him to see what was bugging him, and burst out laughing. You know what it was? A large stick floating downstream. Poor cat thought it was unnatural that a stick was moving on its own!

Anyway, I am back home now, and enjoying my new 60g ipod photo. Oh, didn’t I mention that. I did a deal with Santa (AKA John) to get it. He has inherited the old one, so we are a two ipod household and can each put in our earplugs and ignore each other.

On a shitty note, our bloody landlord has just given us notice to move out. He has split up with his wife, and needs somewhere to live. Bastard. I knew he was up to something when he put a new staircase in. He’s such a tight arse that I knew he wouldn’t spend money on doing that unless it benefited him in some way… I just thought he was planning to sell. Silly prick isn’t up on tenant rights, though; he gave us 6 weeks notice from today, but he legally needs to give us 60 days notice since we are on a continuing agreement. He also didn’t put the letter in the correct format, so at the very least, we will get an additional 18 days here. That will help, as we need to get rent and bond together (we didn’t pay a bond on this place) for a new place, and of course, want to move somewhere good (and not just the first place that becomes available).

Now, here’s my one and only New Year’s Resolution: I will attempt to keep this blog updated more frequently in future.



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