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C’est Moi

To celebrate the new year and to represent a fresh start in a number of ways, I have updated my profile picture to show (gasp!) an actual human: me.



Without a doubt, fat.

Somewhat mad.

With distinctive glasses.

And wearing the infamous cat ears.



I am going to MURDER this cat

Dear god, it’s happened again. For the last two months, Lilly, my Turkish Van, has been peeing in inappropriate locations constantly. First it was my bed once a week more often than not when I was in it – but now it has become more frequent (every 2nd day) and other places the lounge, shoes and items left on the floor and John’s bed (which is a big problem since his room needs to be hygenic for dialysis). I am at my wits end. We’ve tried Feliway, washing the doonas, ‘aversion therapy’, extra cuddles. It is not due to lack of clean toileting facilities. When Lexi, one of my other cats, went through this about 5 years ago we used the ‘ignore it, give her love and it will go away’ technique and it worked. But with Lilly? I can’t figure her out or how to get her to stop. Any suggestions?

This is the lovable face of the culprit. Looks sweet and innocent, doesn’t she?

Edit 2:
Sounds like a trip to the vet is in order, at least to rule out illness.

A Declaration

natalie dee

The sad thing? I am actually wearing a cat ear hairband right now. Please don’t ask; you don’t want to know.

Meet Lily…

Our newest addition - Lily Lily playing

Here’s Lily! Our beautiful little Turkish Van kitten. I picked her up on Saturday morning. Although it has been as smooth an introduction into our household as is possible (minimal hissing) the other cats (Minni and Lexi) are still in a bit of shock. She will never replace Zelly, but Lily does make the place brighter.

RIP Zelly

I just had to make the painful and agonising decision to put down my cat, Zelda. She died at 5.15 tonight. We knew it was coming, as her cancer was diagnosed around the same time as Mum’s final illness. Mum was more concerned about Zelda than herself.

I am sitting here, downing a few scotch and cokes, mourning both of them. I am not sure how I will get through Mother’s Day on Sunday, with my grief over my pussy cat’s death on top of the grief over Mum’s.





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