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“If only Mrs Brown knew more about food…”

On the flip side of the vintage coin, ‘Cruel Kindness’ from 1967 features a sneering, classist doctor telling working class people that they are ignorant about food and if they just follow doctor’s orders and cease ‘over feeding’, their children will magically no longer be fat.

Oh, and it’s all the mother’s fault.


The Winner Takes It All

I went and saw Mamma Mia on the weekend, as I was in the mood for a pleasant bit of fluff. And it met expectations – a fun romp, with ABBA songs.

But what blew me away was Meryl Streep. Who knew she could actually sing? I mean, really sing? Do yourself a favour and watch her emotional performance of The Winner Takes It All. If anyone could make singing an ABBA song Oscar-worthy, Meryl has done it. Seriously.

Return of The Vortex

We did it again. Another unplanned, rather expensive trip into The Vortex and back. Purchases are below the fold (links to IMDB as usual):

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I hate men. I can’t abide them even now and then.

Not all men, mind you.

I’m not taking part in THAT stereotype of the fat, hairy-legged, man-hating, humorless feminist today.

Even though I happen to be a fat feminist with hairy legs who has just titled a blog post “I hate men”.

I am not, however, entirely humorless.

Ha. Ha. (See?)

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We’ve made it out of The Vortex alive!

I need to make a confession. My partner John and I have a vice over which we have no control.

No, it’s not drugs or alcohol.

Its DVDs. Hundreds of them. All legit (not pirated). All obsessively catalogued.

We add to our collection in a variety of ways, but we have our preferred source (Hum in Newtown). We call it The Vortex, because we cannot drive through Newtown without at least feeling the intense pull of the place calling to us and our credit cards. It stocks DVDs that are interesting and sometimes hard to get (at least in Region 4 format, although our player can do multi-region).

Anyway, we fell into The Vortex today, and managed to come out with only 6 DVDs to add to the already large To Be Watched pile. Not to mention another 2 on order.

If you are interested, the purchases are listed below. NB: the links are to IMDB

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