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Merry Christmas

It’s Christmas Eve, and all my and John’s Christmases have come early. Let’s see…

  • One of our Amazon DVD orders arrived today, with about 5 DVDs.
  • My order of cool clothes from Torrid came, so I can get all gussied up for Christmas
  • Our brand new G5 tower computer arrived. I’m typing this on it, using the Safari browser
  • John’s new NAD amp came
  • I got two deliveries of BookCrossing bookrays

…AND… drum roll please!!!

  • a 40g ipod(!!!) which is my present from John (although I paid for part of it). Thank you, John.

It’s a wonderful Christmas Eve when you can sit at your brand spanking new computer, ripping songs to transfer to your ultra-cool ipod.

Anyway, have a very Merry Christmas, even if you don’t have an ipod.


Crass materialism? Not the spirit of Christmas?

What on earth could you mean by that?


Pogoing in delight!

Did I ever mention that my beloved spouse (now artist, almost-used-to-be chef) was a punk rocker in his miss-spent and crazy youth? It’s true, although he managed to “lose” any recordings he had of his bands. Thankfully, though, a Google search will reveal all I need to know! It appears that there is a bit of an underground following of the Sydney post-punk scene.

picture of Seems Twice
Seems Twice – John is the drummer

His bands were Seems Twice (who recorded extremely short, hard song bursts) and Kill the King (a jazz-punk band of whom only live recordings exist). Seems Twice is quite good, but if you choose to listen to the recordings of Kill the King, be warned that the singer suffered serious delusions that he could sing, and most of the musicians were under the influence of one illicit substance or another!




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