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I hate men. I can’t abide them even now and then.

Not all men, mind you.

I’m not taking part in THAT stereotype of the fat, hairy-legged, man-hating, humorless feminist today.

Even though I happen to be a fat feminist with hairy legs who has just titled a blog post “I hate men”.

I am not, however, entirely humorless.

Ha. Ha. (See?)

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Friday Random 10

  1. No Clear Ideas – Seems Twice (One of the post-punk bands John was in as a rebellious youth)
  2. Wave On The Moor (Moderato) – Mohammad Haghighi
  3. Paduana Xviii – The King’s Noyse (William Brade 1560-1630)
  4. Johnny – Suicide
  5. Let’s Twist Again – Chubby Checker
  6. Chant of Repentance – Gyorgy Sviridov
  7. Dona nobis pacem – J.S. Bach
  8. Les Hiboux – Edith Piaf
  9. Le Carnival d’Aix 10 – Darius Milhaund
  10. Mercedes Benz – Janis Joplin

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10 on Friday

  1. Hold It Down – Cocoa Brovaz
  2. Le Carnival d’Aix 11 – Darius Milhaund
  3. Out Of Left Field – Percy Sledge
  4. We the People Who Are Darker Than Blue – Curtis Mayfield
  5. In The Annexe – Boards Of Canada
  6. Zwiesprache Der Rohrflöte Mit Der Saengerin – Popol Vuh
  7. Rain Has Fallen: Moderato – Samuel Barber
  8. Symphony No. 8, I. Moderato – Alfred Schnittke
  9. I’ll Pick A Rose For My Rose – Marv Johnson
  10. Clevor Trevor – Ian Dury & The Blockheads

Did I mention that I now have an ipod photo?

And these are the last 10 songs my lovely ipod photo has played:

  1. Allegro Energico, Ma Non Troppo (Mahler: Symphony No. 6 – Ruckert-Leider)
  2. Baby Please Don’t Go (Muddy Waters)
  3. Tout Fout Le Camp (Edith Piaf)
  4. Lost Child (Susumu Yokota)
  5. In the Art of Stopping (Wire)
  6. Strange Days (The Doors)
  7. The More I See You (Stanley Turrentine)
  8. Kipperkun Scratch (Icarus)
  9. Aïn Ghazel (Anouar Brahem)
  10. La Chasse (Erik Satie)

I don’t care if it’s not
Friday. That was my Random 10.

iPod Stats

I’ve been very busy since Christmas ripping CDs to load on to my iPod. It’s becoming obsessive actually. And feeding the obsession is the Internet iTunes Registry (via Urban Dyke), a wonderful little database that crunches stats from one’s iTunes list. Here’s mine, although for some reason it is showing less songs loaded that I actually have (ie. 3339 as opposed to 3835) but it is still interesting to see.

Oh, and we have still not even touched the sides of our music collection.




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