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Proof I am a geek


The Oscar Wilde Action Figure

Oscar Wilde Action Figure

It could only be improved if it recited an endless supply of witty and pithy Oscar quotes.

(Having said that, is it me, or have they trimmed Mr Wilde’s substantial physique down somewhat? Perhaps to suit modern aesthetics, perhaps to fit a standard action figure mould?)

It features in the Top 10 Geeky Holiday Gifts For Your Oddball Child, and comes to us via Orodemniades at Birch and Maple


We’ve made it out of The Vortex alive!

I need to make a confession. My partner John and I have a vice over which we have no control.

No, it’s not drugs or alcohol.

Its DVDs. Hundreds of them. All legit (not pirated). All obsessively catalogued.

We add to our collection in a variety of ways, but we have our preferred source (Hum in Newtown). We call it The Vortex, because we cannot drive through Newtown without at least feeling the intense pull of the place calling to us and our credit cards. It stocks DVDs that are interesting and sometimes hard to get (at least in Region 4 format, although our player can do multi-region).

Anyway, we fell into The Vortex today, and managed to come out with only 6 DVDs to add to the already large To Be Watched pile. Not to mention another 2 on order.

If you are interested, the purchases are listed below. NB: the links are to IMDB

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Never too soon!

The new government is still popping champagne corks, K-Rudd has just put his Prime Minister ‘P’ plates on and the result of Bennelong is still not in. And if she does win the seat, Maxine will not be on the Frontbench.

Nevertheless, who can resist this:

Maxine 13

(hat tip: Crazy Brave and Ampersand Duck)

Our very expensive couch

Just testing Flickr

It’s Here

After many months, too many thousands of dollars and a lengthy cruise from France to Australia (for it not us), THE COUCH has arrived.

Well, it actually arrived on Friday afternoon.

I took a day off work for it’s arrival. I planned where it would go in the room. I warned the cats that they would be nothing but cat-skin rugs if one thread of upholstery was pulled. I waited all day in anticipation… And, just as the blessed thing was delivered, I got the most foul, stinking, visually disturbing migraine I have had in years.

AAARGH! I couldn’t actually see the couch. Nor could I lie on it, since my migraine required the comfort of darkness. Damn, damn, damn!

Well, the damned thing is here now. We did kind of rush in to buying it (Note to self: it’s extremely expensive to worship at the altar of Design), but I don’t have any real regrets even though it it is larger than I remember. We love being able to put the arms and 2 back panels up and down, the cats love it (there were 3 in a row on it on Sunday) and John and I can finally lie together on the lounge without fighting.

…Too much.




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