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The US Elections – why do I care?

The US elections may have wide-reaching consequences for the rest of the world – but I for one sick to death of hearing about the US ‘presidential race’ in Australian news coverage. You’d think we were the 50-somethingth state.

And, even worse, the US aren’t even up to the election campaign yet! And I swear, mere selection of candidates for each party seems to get more news coverage in and have far more hype and hoo-haa attached to it than the Aussie elections do in an entire 4 year term, let alone the official campaigning period.

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Light and Fluffy

I’ve no energy for a real post at the moment.

Instead I say: Go play this incredibly addictive little game.

Insert Expletive Here.

Why? Because the bloody XLS file I’ve been working on all week has disappeared up in smoke! Not in my recycle bin, not in my file history, not even where I KNOW I saved it (and have been opening it from all god-damn week). Excel’s auto-recover did not automatically recover this file. A search of all xls files on my computer does not find this file.


Any suggestions? It’s work, so Windows XP is the operating system.

Yum! Yum! Yum!

Behold, an abundance of perfect, luscious, tree-ripened, organic mangos, just picked off the trees in our backyard!


And this is only a small fraction of our bumper harvest. Yay! Although the fruit bats have been having a field day, too – they’ve probably eaten as many as we’ve been able to pick.

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About bloody time: Australians apologise to the Stolen Generations.

Aboriginal Flag

Finally, a leader, a government and a parliament of Australia has had the guts and common decency to stand up and officially say “Sorry” to indigenous Australians and the Stolen Generations for the pain, heartache and cultural chaos caused by families being ripped apart due to systemic and personal racism.

It’s about bloody time.

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