DVD Collection

Did you know that we have 246 DVDs in our collection? I know, because I have catalogued them all, somewhat obsessively, using a program called DVD Database X (which is a Mac program, but I believe there are similar programs for Windows). It can be kind of clunky, but it is much better than cataloguing in a spreadsheet or access database as it looks up movie data and cover shots in IMDB and Amazon.

And no, the DVDs are not pirated. We feel strongly about that.

We do, however, have a stack of (as yet) unwatched DVDs on our shelves. Either because we buy multiple DVDs at a time or because we don’t have time to watch our purchases immediately. Oh, don’t worry, we will watch them all and the special features too…although by that stage, we will have probably added another 10 new DVDs to the pile!

Here are our past 10 DVD purchases, for example:

  • Fahrenheit 451 – watched movie and special features
    Directed by François Truffaut. In the future, books are banned and are burned when found. Montag is a fireman whose duty is to seek out the underground librarians an burn books, however when he meets a strange young woman with odd opinions, he begins to steal books rather than burning them.
  • Accatone – John has watched it, but I haven’t
    Directed by Pasolini. After his girlfriend (whom he pimps) is arrested, Accatone goes down hill. He begs from churches and even visits his estranged wife and son in the hope they will help.
  • Dogville – not yet watched (although we saw the film in the theatre)
    Directed by Lars von Trier. A woman comes to a mountain village as a fugative. At first they hide her willingly, but soon they start to impose conditions on their concealment of her and she becomes their prisoner.
  • Red Desert – not yet watched
    Directed by Michelangelo Antonioni. About the depressed and suicidal wife of a factory foreman.
  • <a href=”http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/Breaking the Waves – watched movie and some of the special features
    The story of a young bride in a Scottish religious community, whose husband is crippled in an oil rig accident. He convinces her to perform sexual acts with other men and to come back and tell him what she has doen, causing her to be outcast from her community.
  • The Idiots – not yet watched (although have seen before)
    Directed by Lars von Trier. A woman finds herself involved with a group of people who pretend to be mentally handicapped. At first she is horrified, but soon discovers that letting oneself be an ‘idiot’ can be liberating.
  • Love Nest – not yet watched
    An early movie of Marilyn Monroe’s, in which she has a co-starring role as ‘the other woman’. Should be interesting.
  • Of Human Bondage – not yet watched
    Bette Davis and Leslie Howard star in this film. A young medical student falls in love with waitress. She cheats on him constantly, even becoming pregnant by another man and generally ‘does him wrong’.
  • The Outlaw – not yet watched
    Directed by Howard Hughes and starring Jane Russell’s breasts. Howard Hughes famously fought the Hays Office for the right to show this film uncensored. The plot (my god, are you really concerned with that?) is a western about Billy the Kidd.
  • <a No Man of Her Own – not yet watched.
    Clark Gable plays a gambler who marries a woman (Carole Lombard) on the toss of a coin, but starts to fall in love with her. Gable and Lombard eventually married in real life.

We should have some good viewing there, I think. Even if we never quite get to the bottom of the pile before we buy new ones.

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