Bloody Landlords

I told you about our landlord giving us notice to move out. Well, circumstances have changed.

But first… Since our landlord gave us notice, we’ve had fun and games trying to find somewhere to move. Long nights on the internet looking at rental listings, and running around trying to get to open house inspections that have a 15 minute duration. The search has been both stressful and problematic as we 1) don’t have enough money to move, and 2) need a particular type of home.

Ideally, we’d want a warehouse space of a similar size to what we have now. Unfortunately, warehouse spaces in Sydney are few and far between. Either they have been converted into “executive warehouses” that go for about $800 a week, or they have been snapped up by artists who, recognising that they are onto a good thing, will never move out until they absolutely have to. Failing a warehouse space, though, we had two options; a smaller cheaper house, and a separate studio for John, or a larger house with a space he could (hopefully) use as a studio.

Here’s where it gets interesting: On Saturday, we inspected a place in Rozelle that had a nice backyard, plenty of room, and a family room downstairs that could be used as a studion. So we rudged to the real estate pretty good, and put an application in and a holding deposit to show we were serious. So far so good…

Except that we then hear from our current landlord that we can stay here.

Good, right? Right. Except that I don’t trust the bastard.

I asked John to get him to put it in writing, and his reaction was “I don’t have time for that” and to act all insulted that we wouldn’t trust his word. (Well, actually, I don’t trust “a gentleman’s agreement” to “tear up” the legally valid Notice of Termination”; John doesn’t want to rock the boat.) Eventaully, with John on the phone to me and talking to the landlord at the same time, he reluctantly agreed to sign a letter stating that the Notice of Termination is no longer in effect, if I drafted it.

So, I left a draft letter downstairs for him to sign last night. He can be as insulted as he wants, but I want to make sure that he can’t take us to the Tenancy Tribunal 3 months later for refusing to move out when he gave us notice.

Oh, yes, and we are getting our deposit back on the Rozelle property. There are still tenants in there, so at least we don’t lose it.

I am so sick of all the bloody housing dramas!


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