It’s All Medical

Hayley had her ultra-sound today. Apparently they and the ultra-sound operators could not see any ‘boy bits’so it’s a girl (although they can’t guarantee 100%). Hayl’s delighted as she’s been dying to buy lots of cute little pink dresses, but has been holding back in case it is a boy.

I kept telling her it was a girl. though. I felt in in my bones, and I’m usually right in predicting a baby’s gender. 99% luck, no doubt, but Mum also thought it would be a girl. Ok. No more ‘it’. The baby is now officially ‘she’.

On other fronts, Mum has finally had her drain from the mastectomy taken out, and seems to be feeling much better. She has seen both the oncologist and the radiologist. She will start chemo towards the end of this month, and then the radiotherapy once that is completed.

I’m still not well. Got the results from pathology on Saturday and it was definitly food poisoning. I’m on anti-biotics which should help once I get through the course. Funnily enough, though, they have the same side effects as the food poisoning, so I am still living on staminade and chicken broth.

John feels normal for the first time this year now that he is off the inteferon and has been given the all clear by his kidney specialist to take a partial dose of the gout medication that the rheumatolagist prescribed and has stopped taking the blood pressure medication that caused the gout. I’m glad, because he has been through such a lot.

Minni is still a bit sick, but we figured out she was eating our aloe vera plant. Bad Minni. Aloe vera is poisonous to cats, apparently. So the windowsill the plant is on is shut until we figure out what to do with it. Unfortunately, Minni has also started gobbling all the food (hers and the other cats’). We think she eats aloe vera, eats dinner, vomits, gets ravenously hungry, gobbles more, vomits, gobbles more… and you get the picture. We are trying to limit what she is eating, which is not easy when we have to make sure both the other cats get enough food. Any suggestions.

God, I should just rename this blog to “Hypochondria Central” or something. All I ever talk about lately is medical shit.

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