I have had a long overdue change of scenery at work. I am now working at one of our inner city sites, which is in a converted wool store, and has had write ups in architectural magazines. It’s a much nicer environment aesthetically, is much closer to home, and the office environment is just better overall. So far it’s less stressful and more quiet (probably due to school holidays more than anything else) but no doubt it will be frantically busy soon.

John has also had some good news with his health for once. The treatment he is currently on is having the desired effect, and while he will always have kidney damage, his creatinin (or however you spell it) levels are the lowest they have been for a while, although he is still very aenemic. He sees his specialist next week, so hopefully he can stop the treatment, as the side effects are dreadful.

Minni in the sinkButton!Minni looking plaintive

On a home note, all the cats are dreadfully cute, but our newest addition, Minni, has been doing some incredibly cute things.

Oh, come on. I’ve barely mentioned the cats recently. Well, I’ve barely posted anything recently. Good point. But on to the cats…

Minni has a thing for water. She’ll sit outside the shower while John or I are in there, and will sometimes actually come into the shower recess.
She does not care whether she gets wet or not. The minute she hears water running, she is there… In the shower. On the sink. In the sink.

I apologise for the grainy quality of the photo, but my digital camera is in for service (it hasn’t worked at all since the first day we had Minni), so the photo was taken with the camera in my mobile phone. Hence, the brightness and contrast were shit, so I had to bump up the contrast
and make the image black and white. Still grainy, though. Not much I can do about that.

But isn’t she cute as a button? Really?

Speaking of buttons (what a great segue!), Minni’s favourite toy(s) at the moment are John’s chefs buttons. Chefs buttons are flat on one end, round on the other, and are perfect for a hyperactive young cat to soccer dribble across our floor (we have a lot of floor, since we have the top floor of an old warehouse). She also flicks the buttons, tosses them, and carries them in her mouth like a dummie.

Minni has also learnt the word ‘button’. Whenever John or I say the word, Minni’s face lights up and she hunts until she finds one of her buttons. If she can’t find one, she meows plaintively until Mummy or Daddy supplies a new one or retrieves one of the lost ones from under the bookshelf.

The button obsession is great. In fact, I bought Minni a packet of buttons of her very own to prevent her from stealing and losing John’s buttons. So now it is simple; Minni’s buttons are red, John’s buttons are black. In theory.


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