Minni the Moocher

We have a new arrival in the household; a 12 week-old kitten whom we have called Minni (which is short for Wilhemina). The obligatory cute photos are below… but I’ve only been able to take those two shots as my digital camera is kaput! (The screen doesn’t display correctly, and all photos are turning out a dirty black. Anyone who knows of a Fuji service centre in Sydney, let me know.) The tragedy of having a new kitten and no working camera is too unbearable for words.

Minni in close up
Minni walking towards me

We’ve had Minni for just over 48 hours. and the other 2 cats are actually not doing badly at adjusting to the new arrival.

Minni is very inquisitive. When we aren’t around she seems to stay under the bed, but when we are here, she wanders everywhere. She’s a talker, too. Meow, Meow, Meow.

Zelly has been doing a bit of hissing. She even hissed at me yesterday when I picked her up because I smelt of Minni – but that has a little bit to do with her old owners overdoing the flea powder before they gave her to me. (I wish they hadn’t done it because all cats hate that odour and Zel and Lex couldn’t smell Minni’s own scent over the top of it). Still Zel is not doing too badly, as last night she warily let Minni sit on John’s knee in front of the telly while I patted her (her being Zelda)

Lexi spent most of last night sitting and watching Minni from a safe distance (say 2 metres). I think she wants to be friends. She actually let Minni come face to face with her tonight and have a sniff. Minni was the one who hissed and ran away, but only after the sniffing. When Minni and I had a game of ‘chase the mouse on the string’, Lexi watched with a great deal of interest and looked happy (not skittish). I think she’s looking forward to playing chasies with Minni because as much as Zelda wants to run, her leg (which a bully tomcat injured a few years ago) still gives her trouble.

I think all the cats will end up friends, even if it takes a little while with Zelda. She took about 2 weeks before she stopped hissing at Lexi, so it will probably be about the same with Minni.


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