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Blogger ate my posts

Three of them. Actually, the same one, three times. It’s been doing that quite a bit lately, since Pro was scrapped. I know… I should have changed blogging services ages ago. I’d be using Typepad now if they did email hosting as well as blog hosting – as it is, I want my domain email and I don’t want to pay through the nose.

Whinge aside, I can’t be bothered typing it yet again, so just go and read Tish’s discussion on what average-sized people can take for granted.


Not sure what to say about this

Crafty people can make something out of anything: Learn how to make an angel christmas decoration from a tampon.

A week is a long time…

And that’s how long it’s been since I posted.

I’ve been trying to convince John that a little Saluki puppie is just the thing that this household needs. I’ve contacted the breeders, and apparently a litter of pups is on the way, although they don’t let them leave until they are 10 weeks old. We might have a puppy by Christmas, hopefully…

She (I’d like a girl) would keep the cats company during the day (translation: chase them), assist John in his art practice (translation: creatively chew things) and act as a guard dog (translation: bark loudly, late at night). She’d love running circles around the other dogs in the park. She’d snuggle in bed, and lick John’s face. She’d pose elegantly on the couch, as only a sighthound can, with her little snout on the arm of it while watching the latest David Attenborough program.

How can John resist the power of the sighthound? One puppie snuffle, and his heart will melt!

And now for something completely different…

Subliminal Mutterings

  • G :: Spot
  • Offer :: Refuse the first…
  • Connection :: Internet
  • Quest :: Holy Grail
  • Lighthouse :: Keeper
  • Sycamore :: Tree
  • Inhumane :: Treatment
  • Sneer :: Snarl
  • Weapon :: Kill




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