Do you really want to know?

Here’s a real update now to catch you up on all that has been happening recently. I know that aside from posting the occasional link to an article and my rant about rage I haven’t kept you up-to-date. That’s because by the time I get home, I’m too exhausted by all the day-to-day crap to face writing about the all the day-to-day crap. My blog is my escape, damn it!

Anyway, here’s the Cliff Notes version of what has been going on:

  • The retrial of the guy who shot Dad was declared a mistrial (because one of the jurors knew one of the prosecution witnesses) so we are now in the retrial of the retrial. Dad has to go to court to testify again tomorrow, but in the first retrial he turned up for 3 days before he actually sat in the witness chair because on of the jurors was sick. Let’s hope it runs a bit smoother this time, and that Dad can actually put the whole thing behind him.
  • John has been working around the clock getting things ready for the two exhibitions he is showing in during May. Since he is the curatorial coordinator of one of them, it has been a hell of a lot of work and a lot of stress, particularly when some of the artists want to be spoon fed through the process. Not all. Just some. Actually, just one.
  • We had a stressful situation occur when the small LCD screen John uses in part of his artwork died for no apparent reason. There are no stores in Australia that carry this type of screen, so we had to order it urgently from a company in the US and have it sent by courier. Should have been easy, right? Wrong. After 3 midnight phone calls to Ohio, and countless emails where we were given conflicting and misleading information we ended up having a delay in the order being sent out (what did they not understand about ‘Urgent’) and being charged twice, and not being given a tracking number for the courier.. OK. So more emails back and forth. When we finally received the tracking number, we found that the package had been held up in Customs. Apparently if you ship items via normal mail, Customs only stops packages with a value over AU$1000, but if you ship items via courier, it stops items with a value over AU$250. We just fit into that category, so there was another delay of around 3 days where we were waiting for Customs to clear the item. GST and the ‘Customs Processing Charge’ ended up costing us another $90. Bugger. Oh, and did I mention that we needed the item on or before the 15th. By the time it cleared Customs it was the afternoon on the 17th and we had missed any chance of delivery before the Public Holiday. John had to make not one, but two special trips out to the UPS office to pick the package up. Stress city.
  • Work is getting busier with major site moves about to occur in May. I am not sure what assistance I am going to get for these since my manager & HR case manager wants me to ‘work below my ability” because they think that if I get too stressed or am doing anything other than basket-weaving, I will fall to pieces.
  • The long weekend (with both Good Friday and Easter Monday off) should have been relaxing, but it rained heavily all weekend, and I was trapped inside with a stressed and crabby artist (Hi honey, you know I love you).

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