Classic Games

1. Tag or hide & go seek?

Tag, or as we used to call it: ‘chasies’

2. Hopscotch or wiffle-ball?

Since I don’t know what wiffle-ball is, my answer will have to be hopscotch.

3. Chutes & Ladders or Candyland?

Don’t know Candyland, but I assume Chutes & Ladders is the same as Snakes & Ladders, so that it my answer.

4. Chess or checkers?


5. Parcheesi or backgammon?


6. Twister or Yahtzee?


7. Trivial Pursuit or Scrabble?


8. Monopoly or The Game of Life?


9. Go Fish or Gin Rummy?

Gin Rummy.

10. Thought-Provoking Question of the Week: You have a young child (or just babysit one), who is about 6-7 years old, and you like to play various games with him/her. Do you: let the child win sometimes to help improve his/her self-esteem, or play normally, in order to teach the child that we can’t always win in life?

I think it is important to give the child some encouragement by letting him or her win sometimes. You can’t expect a child that age to stay interested in something s/he keeps losing. That is not to say that you can’t play to stretch the child’s abilities, or that you have to lose every single game. Just let the child have the joy of winning sometimes.

and now the April Fools questions…

1. The Bogey-Man or Henry Kissinger?
The Bogey-Man

2. Whips ‘n chains or soft ropes with furbound cuffs?

Whips ‘n Chains

3. Fish sticks or

Um, I don’t eat fishsticks, but I do occasionally buy from Amazon

4. Whitewall tires or color TV?

Colour TV

5. Leather or lace?

Lace is scratchy.

6. Abraham Lincoln or leftover turkey?


7. Movable Type or Star Trek?

Star Trek

8. Happy Happy Joy Joy or Bounce Bounce Bounce like Tigger?

Bounce Bounce Bounce

9. The Michelin Man or the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man?


10. Thought-Provoking Question of the Week: If you HAD to marry one of the talking M&M’s in the TV commercials, would it be the red one or the yellow one? Why?

The red one. I prefer M&Ms without nuts.


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