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I’m in a NY Blergh State of Mind.

Ok, I know I haven’t been updating as often as I should, but I really can’t get the energy or creativity going. If I were wallowing in angst, I could write (even if it were just whinging) as evidenced by pretty much all of my blog. If I were in a slightly more positive state of mind, I am sure I could write.

Instead, I’m hovering at a mood of about 4 on a scale of 10, which is not really that depressed, but not feeling that great either. It’s very much a ‘Blergh’ state; not black, just gray. There is not enough energy or enthusiasm to go anywhere or do anything, but I am still not feeling bad enough to hide under the bed covers. That in itself is kind of frustrating, in a weird way; this is such an in-between state, and I find myself yearning for the clarity of an extreme.


I have been procrastinating posting any new photos to my blog, partly because I feel I should wait until I set up a photoblog. Or at least that’s my excuse. Will I really ever set it up? I have put off creating one with my current template because I am thinking about re-designing my site; wouldn’t it be better to just create the photoblog then? Who am I kidding?

Actually, I am of two minds about setting up a separate photoblog at all. Here’s my thought process:



I could post larger images to a photoblog, as people expect longer loading times.

I have to set it up!

I may even be able to skip making thumbnails.

It’s yet another page for my visitors to have to look at. The question is: Will they bother?

Posting the images would take less time, so I’d be (theoretically, at least) more inclined
to post them.

Since I am using blogger, I can’t categorise my images automatically. If I chose to do
categorise them, it would have to be manually.

I would not be slowing down my front page’s loading time with my images.

I’m already slack about updating my Film & Fiction blog. Why should a photoblog be
any different?

What do you think?



I have finally updated my Film and Fiction blog, although there are no reviews. just lists.

It’s a bad week for pets

My sister called this morning to say that her little cat, Nimmy, was hit by a car this morning and died. Nimmy was less than a year old, and was a beautiful, cuddly, tawny, tiger-striped kitty. They didn’t hear the accident happen; the driver who hit the cat didn’t brake. Their neighbour told them it had happened.

Hayley is, obviously, very upset right now. Particularly since Nimmy’s wounds were pretty bad. They were suprised she was still alive when they got to her. They only had time to get her off the road and say their good byes before she died.

She is also fretting because she can’t find her other cat, Stormy. I’m sure he is just hiding somewhere out of the way, and will come in when he’s hungry. But Hayley is worried.

So two pets have died this week; Deefa and Nimmy.

SPLAT! goes our holiday.

As we thought, Kosiusko National Park is closed until futher notice, and the bush fires are still burning. Therefore I wasn’t suprised that a woman from the Thredbo bookings centre contacted me yesterday to cancel our booking. That’s understandable.

I also ‘understood’ when she said, “Of course, we’ll refund your money, but it won’t be until we are able to get back to Thredbo. Who knows when that will be? Probably not until the end of next week at the earliest.”

I had already called Qantas about our tickets; unfortunately they aren’t refundable (I knew that) but we didn’t lose out entirely because we were allowed to reschedule.

What this all means, of course, is that all our holiday money is tied up, and we have no spare money with which to do anything else during our time off – not to go somewhere else, not even to go to the frigging movies together – until John’s pay comes through on Wednsday next week. That is, if we are lucky it will be Wednesday. Possibly it will be Thursday because Monday is a public holiday. We may as well be at work.

Damn! Shit! Fuck! Insert your own expletive here!

Who knows when we’ll next be able to coordinate time off together. Another 3 years?


It’s funny how white bread always makes me hiccup.




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