My Dream Home (or Fallingwater Here I Come!)

For Random Acts of Journalling

Without giving thought to cost, location, and possible architectural impossibilities [sic], describe your dream house. Where is it? What are the grounds like? Walk us through each room

Oh, boy. Now you are asking for it. My dream home? No limits?

Firstly, I will indulge in a smidgen of impossibility. Since I am an absolutely gianormous fan of Frank Lloyd Wright’s buildings from the 20s & 30s (particularly Fallingwater), I would like him to design my home in that style. Yes, I know he’s dead, but we’ll communicate via ouija board, if necessary.

Actually, I think Fallingwater is pretty much my ideal house, from a design perspective. I love the cantilevered concrete, the use of rock and the water flowing from underneath the house in beautifully green surroundings. Let a raised-from-the-dead Wright design me something similar, yet unique, and I’ll be happy. Actually, I’ll take that back. Can’t I just buy Fallingwater, and be done with it? I’ll be happy then. I swear it.

I am covetously picturing objects and furniture that I would like go into my house, all of which is 1930s, of course. I want this lamp and this as a bedside table in my bedroom, this chaise lounge, these chairs. I want, I want, I want. Above all, for this house, everything must be sleek and minimal.

For another house, one that does not send me into a rapturous, worshipping frenzy over its design, I might choose different furniture or be more eclectic in my selections. But this house (be it Fallingwater, or one designed specifically for me) has aesthetic demands which must be met.

I must, however, insist that certain areas of my dream 1930s house must be modern. The kitchen must be stainless steel with a commercial quality stove and oven. The bathroom has to have a large bath and good shower, but aesthetically, should be reminiscent of the 1930s.

I would also like a garden for the cats, but nothing that is high maintenance. Although, I would imagine that if I had enough money to buy or build this house, I would have enough money to employ gardeners.

Now, to finish my fantasy home, populate the dining area and patio with glamorous 1930s women clad in fox furs clutching their champagne glasses and flirting outrageously with the equally glamorous men.


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