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The Mirror Project

For those who don’t know, The Mirror Project is a growing collection of photos in which the photographer is visible in a reflective surface. I’ve just submitted the photo below as my first contribution… John will kill me!

Me reflected in John's new sunnies


Plans for 2003

  • I have to find something better to do, job wise. Something interesting, that doesn’t alternate between being deathly boring with nothing to do, or deathly boring but frantically and stressfully busy.
  • Prepare to study (possibly digital media, design or fine arts) in 2004 by getting a portfolio together and researching possible courses. I was planning to start studying this year, but I think that this point of my life, that would be biting off more that I can chew.
  • In the meantime, look for interesting short courses that I can do. Photography, web design (the place that cancelled the course I wanted to do last year is running it again this year) or similar.
  • Continue to blog. I’ve neglected my reviews blog recently, but I would like to get that going again, and stay on top of it, as well as creating… wait for it… a photo blog. But you knew I was going to say, right?
  • Continue therapy. It has helped me more than any medication (although the medication got me to a point where I could work with the therapy).
  • Actually have a real holiday with John. We have not had time off or gone away with each other for … I don’t know how long.
  • Relearn how to enjoy myself by giving myself the freedom to explore all options.

Oh, and for those of you who think what I have just written is a bunch of New Years Resolutions, I adamantly maintain that it is not. It is a list of plans. There is no resolution here. So there.




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