New Year!


This or That

1. Stay in or go out on New Year’s Eve?
I don’t like New Years Eve crowds, so generally we either stay in or go where the crowds aren’t. This year, we went and saw some movies at the cinemas at the Quay early in the evening, and emerged at just about the time that the 9pm fireworks were going to start…and the crowds weren’t too bad…so we stayed…and waited…and found out that they were cancelled…so we went over to a BBQ at one of John’s friend’s place for the rest of the evening.

2. If you stay home, do you stay up to ring in the new year, or fall asleep earlier?

Ring it in.

3. If you go out, do you prefer to attend a party at someone’s home, or go to a bar/nightclub/restaurant?

At someone’s home.

4. Make resolutions, or do you not bother?

I don’t usually bother as New Years Resolutions seem to be just an opportunity to find fault with oneself, under the guise of ‘fixing yourself up’.

5. Ever been to Times Square (New York City) on New Year’s Eve, or just watched the ball drop on TV?

The one time I was in New York for New Years, we avoided Times Square and did not watch the ball drop.

6. Toast the New Year with champagne or a soft drink?

Last night ’twas Champagne.

7. Do you have a special New Year’s dinner or not?


8. Do you already have your 2003 calendar, or do you wait to buy one until the stores mark them down?

I won’t buy one unless i see one I like. We didn’t have one for 2002, but had a great Elvgren pipup calendar in 2001.

9. Take down Christmas decorations: before or after New Year’s?

After. My mother has a superstition that Christmas decorations must be taken down on 6th Jan – not before, or after.

10. Funny hats and noisemakers, or a quieter celebration?

No hats. No whistles.


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