Mission Accomplished

Monday Mission

1. Do you get sick very often? What illness do you find that you’ve had most frequently?

You mean aside from Depression? I can’t think of anything else I really go to the doctor about. Non-Dr things include hayfever and migraines.

2. I know a man who flat out refuses to go to the Doctor’s office. You’d need an ambulance to get him near a hospital. Not me, I’d rather go as soon as I feel sick so I can get better. Do you mind going to see the Doctor when you get sick? Do you know anyone who just refuses to go to a Doctor when they get ill? Any idea why they are like that?

If I am ‘sick enough’ I go to the doctor. Otherwise I just let whatever it is pass.

3. How about visiting the Dentist? Do you go get a check-up every 6 months? Or do you dread going?

Dental phobia.

4. I’ve heard about a diet pill called “Thermolift” that allegedly gives you quite an energy rush (oh boy mentioning this will surelybring us all a ton of Google hits won’t it?). Although I’ve thought about getting some of these pill for the times I need a boost, I’m probably not going to take the plunge. Have you ever taken any diet pills, energy pills or energy drinks? How did they make you feel? Do you still take them? How come?

Only Herbalife guarana capsules about 10 years ago. I find that any thing containing large amounts of caffeine or anything speedy affects me badly.

5. Have you heard about “Gastric Bypass” surgery that many celebrities are doing to loose weight? (The process reduces the size of your stomach to facilitate weight loss) What are your thoughts on this procedure? Would you ever consider it? How would you feel if a relative were to decide to undergo the procedure?

No. No. No. Never. I would not have gastric bypass surgery or the ‘less invasive’ lap band (although I would probably be considered an ‘ideal candidate’). In either instance you are basically enforcing a starvation state, and are at risk of malnutrition. In gastric bypass surgery, the complications can be much more dangerous. I recommend that anyone considering WLS should research the facts thoroughly and independently, not just rely on what your surgeon tells you.

6. What do you think the opposite sex needs to experience to fully understand what it is like to be your gender?

Breasts, menstruation and high heels would be a start.

7. And to lighten things up a bit before we go…What’s the most worthless gadget, infomercial item or “looked like a bargain” item you have ever purchased or owned?

Um. My chip cutter from a $2 store. I NEVER make chips.

BONUS: Why can’t every day be like Christmas?

Why would we want it to be?

Today’s Comment Question: I have a new, faster computer and I am ready run some new programs and have fun. What do you like to do (games, programs, etc.) on your computer for entertainment?

Internet stuff… browsing and design. Ebay!

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