So many things

OK. I have resolved that tonight’s update is going to be a detailed and newsy one, rather than a 3 line “I really don’t feel like blogging” blog. There has been too much of that of late.

So, remember my tears on Friday, and my totally depressive, slightly paranoid belief that blubbing to my manager would ’cause drama? Remember how the call from the OH&S doctor sent me into accute anxiety when she left a message for me last week while I was on leave? Well, after 3 days back at work, I can say my panic and self-abuse were completely unfounded. I met with the work doctor on Tuesday, explained last Friday’s events; that I hadn’t contacted her because I thought I could handle it by myself, that my manager just happened to call at the end of a very tiring milestone week, that I don’t think I need to change anything about my hours just yet, that although I still probably have a lower mood than ‘normal’ I can function at my current level (whereas before I couldn’t), and that, overall, I think I am doing OK. She agreed, and said she would explain things to my manager, who was justifiably concerned. Whew.

On the home front, John is about to have his Big Momentô. His Honours graduate show opens at the College of Fine Arts in Paddington tomorrow night from 6-8pm). If you are in the area, why don’t you come and see it…it looks like it will be a very interesting night, as the show also includes other graduating Honours and Masters students from the college. So, just in case you didn’t get that you are welcome to come along, it is COFA NSW, Selwyn St, Paddington from 6-8pm on Thursday. If you can’t go to the opening, the show itself is on until 5/12.

So go see it. Or else. Ok?

Gratuitous and blatent promotion of my spouse aside, John really has been working hard towards this event. And I mean hard (Try 80 hour weeks. Days where he doesn’t get to bed. 6 hours total sleep over 3 or 4 days. He’s living artist hell at present). But it is all paying off. I am so proud that he has come so far, and of the standard of artwork he is producing. I know, you’ll say I am biased, and maybe I am, but being as objective as I can be, I still think his work is outstanding.

I’m fogging up and getting all teary again. If you are reading this John, that should tell you just how proud I am of what you are doing, and that I admire all you have been through to do it. Enough.

And with all that, I have forgotten what else I was going to blog about, so I’ll end this rambly and emotional post here.


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