This or That – double dose

Last Week’s

1. Hershey’s Kisses: with or without almonds?

2. Wizard of Oz: Scarecrow or Tin Man?

The Tin Man. I used to like how he rusted up occasionally.

3. Meat eater or vegetarian?

Let’s say 80% vegetarian, with excursions into meat eating.

4. Buy books or borrow them?

Buy. I read books over and over again…our already massive bookshelves are already stacked two deep and sometimes more.

5. At the bank: ATM or human teller?

ATM. It takes less time.

6. Oil or gas (or other) heat?

We use electic heaters, but they cost a fortune, so we want to change to gas.

7. Pen or pencil?

To be precise, I prefer a Sanforo Logo 0.7mm mechanical pencil. Is that pedantic?

8. Drive or use public transit?

Public transport.

9. Who IS James Bond: Sean Connery or Pierce Brosnan (or any of the others in between)?

Sean Connery. No question.

10. Your ideal breakfast: full (bacon/sausage, eggs, pancakes, etc) or continental (bagels, muffins, fruit, cereal)?

I rarely eat breakfast, but would be more likely to eat the full breakfast later in the day (as brunch), if I ate it at all.

This week’s

1. Long or short hair?
My hair is currently long. I am not yet sufficiently pissed of with it to go back to short, but I have thought about it.

2. Microwave or conventional oven?

Conventional. In my opinion, microwaves are pretty much useless at anything beyond re-heating or defrosting.

3. Plain or Peanut M&M’s?


4. “101 Dalmations”…animated or live-action version?


5. Drink out of bottle/can or pour into a glass?

From the can.

6. Sunlight or moonlight?


7. Kermit the Frog or Miss Piggy?

Miss Piggy. Hiii-ya!

8. Glasses or contact lenses (or neither)?

I wish neither, but at present, both. Blech.

9. Action movies or chick flicks?

Neither really. I hate Julia Roberts and Bruce Willis (and ilk) in equal measures.

10. Toilet seat…up or down ?


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