Ritual Associations

Written for Alchera:

Association. With your eyes closed open the dictionary and run your fingers down the open
pages. Stop! What is the first word that comes to mind when you read that word? And the first
word that comes to mind when you say/write that word? And that one? And that one?

Stop whenever the words stop pouring from you OR set yourself a time/word count limit. Afterwards,
go back and try to put reason to your associations, at least the obscure ones.

I have given myself a word limit of 50 (51 including the word selected from the dictionary).

RITUAL priestess habit garb clothes horses saddles side ride park trees wind cold damp moist steam hot boiling sweating fan mail letter paper pen writing fighting combat swords blood tears weeping mourning black Victorian corset waist baste turkey roast oven cake batter mixer trickster gods lightening thunder storm clouds sky why.

A RITUAL is conducted by a priestess
wearing a habit (or at least some form of ritual garb).
These are types of clothes, and of course, you have heard of
clothes-horses. Horses wear saddles,
a variety of which is the side-saddle which ladies use when
they ride in the park which has
trees through which the wind
blows. The wind is cold and damp.
Damp is another word for moist and steam
can make things moist. Steam is produced through hot or boiling
water, but both hot and boiling can also describe the heat of the day. Sweating
occurs when one is hot, and can be relieved by use of a fan.
A different type of fan writes fanmail which is a letter,
usually on paper using a pen.
One uses these tools in writing which rhymes with fighting
(and I think I associate writing with pen and paper a bit of a fight and a struggle for reasons
previously explored in my blog). Fighting is a form of combat.
The word combat reminds me of warfare with swords and of course,
swords produce blood when they strike someone. Blood leads to
tears from the victimís family. Tears are part of weeping
which takes place when you are in mourning . The colour that
represents mourning is black which was worn by Victorian
widows who also wore corsets to reduce their waist
size. Waist rhymes with baste which you do with a turkey
when you roast it in the oven.
You can also cook a cake in the oven. You make cake by creating
a batter with the mixer. Mixer
sort of rhymes with trickster (but there is also the association
of “mixing it up”). Many gods are tricksters, but not normally
the ones who produce lightening, thunder
and storms. When storms form there are dark clouds
in the sky. Why rhymes with sky,
but also questions why there are dark clouds at all.


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