This or That

This weeks This or That

1. Fast-food or regular (sit-down) restaurant?
I prefer to eat in a sit down restaurant. That doesn’t necessarily mean expensive. We have quite a few reasonably priced restaurants we can go to. BBQ King is good for late night Chinese cuisine, or there is the little Northern Chinese noodle joint (not sure of the region. I keep wanting to say Xia Xaing…but that’s a perfume, right?), or Korean, or Vietnamese, or…

2. If or when you go to fast-food places…drive-through or walk in?
Since neither of us drive, it would have to be walk-in. We only eat fast food very rarely, though.

3. Any restaurant food…eat in or take out?
Usually eat in.

4. You are at a restaurant and are too full to finish your meal. Do you leave it, or ask to have it wrapped up to go?
Absolutely. One occasion this happened was in a Hungarian restaurant at Bondi Beach. We ordered 2 matzo ball soups, a main each and a side dish. As it turned out, we could have just done with the soup and the side. The servings were huge lets-go-to-the-woods-and-chop-down-half-a-forest-before-breakfast sized servings. We had no compunction asking the waitress to pack up the leftovers for us, and we ate them for dinner for the next two nights.

5. Where does most of your food come from…restaurants or the grocery store?
That depends on the week.

6. Do you shop for food at a supermarket or a convenience store?

7. You have 13 items in your cart. Do you try to go through the 12 Items of Less express line or grit your teeth and get into the regular line?
Sure I do, if the normal lines are the way they normally are.

8. If you shop at a store that has them, do you use the regular or self-scan checkouts?
I’ve never seen self-scan registers in Sydney.

9. Paper or plastic – Part One…what kind of bags do you take?
Plastic – Australian supermarkets don’t offer the option of paper, although if you wish you can purchase hessian or calico bags that can be reused.

10. Paper or plastic – Part Two…which payment method do you use when buying food?
Generally plastic.


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