Evening Details.

Tonight John came home in a shit because the medical centre he went to last year for a work injury sent him a letter that they had not received payment for the consultation and that he was personally liable. Actually, I don’t say I blame him for being angry. At the time he filled in the form with his work details and their insurance company so Workers Compensation (via the employer) should have taken care of the whole thing. Instead, he gets a nastily worded final warning for approx. $140. When he called the medical centre to discuss the matter, he discovered that they hadn’t even contacted his employer about the bill.

Jacquie has just been round for dinner (a very nice Osso Bucco served with pasta, followed by buckwheat pancakes with yoghurt, berries and honey). It was good to catch up with her, as I haven’t seen her for a while. We talked and then watched a DVD called the Secret Paranormal Files of the KGB, hosted by a very old looking Roger Moore. It’s full of hyped up stories of mind control, killing through the power of the mind and remote espionage, not to mention the use of microwave beams to give American Ambassadors to the USSR cancer. Jacquie was particularly interested in this as her artwork (oh, yeah, did I mention that she is an artist?) examines telepathy, psychic ability and hypnotism. Most of what was covered in the DVD she had already read about in her research, but there were a couple of new names she thought she might follow up.

I’ve been feeling really agitated and grumpy today, partly because I didn’t get much sleep last night and got up relatively early this morning, but also because I am a Premenstrual Bitch (and yes, the capitals are warranted). I also suspect my medication (see yesterday’s entry). So since John and I are both in snarky moods we’ve been niggling at each other all night…affectionately, of course…he he he. We are not actually quarrelling, just getting on each other’s moods in many ways.

I washed the sheets today, and since they are our only decent set of sheets left, and we haven’t gotten around to buying new ones, we are having to wait for them to dry in the drier. John is like me, he would rather have one set of good sheets because we can;t afford to get more high quality cotton sheets, than to buy 2 or 3 lesser quality poly-rayon sheets.

If talking about our sheets hasn’t excited you to your very marrow, I don’t know what will…


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