Domains, Massages and Hair Dye

I went up to my Mum and Dad’s on the weekend again, this time to help them register a domain name and arrange web hosting for them. It’s still in process as Australian ( domain names are subject to more rules and regulations than plain ‘.com’ names. For starters, you can only register a ‘’ if you are a registered business, and then your domain name needs to be derived from, or an abbreviation of, your registered company name. For example, a company called Pyro Matches** could register but couldn’t register Right, so the point is that the domain registrant now needs to go through manual checks to ensure that my parents are indeed entitled to register the name they have applyed for. So, waiting, waiting, waiting…

There is a benefit when I go to visit my parents. Dad has been doing massages for around 18 months or so, and now he is teaching it to Mum, Hayley and Stuart. In addition, Dad and Hayley are both doing an aromatherapy course over 2 years, although they are each specialising in different areas. So when I visit, I become the willing guinea pig. It’s great. Most times I am up there I get either a therapeutic or aromatherapy massage. I have face creams, body creams, oils to treat stretch marks, rosemary to help my hayfever (it works wonders!), majoram to prevent coldsaws and a massage oil to treat muscle strains. I don’t have to pay either, not because I am family, but because of the work I do on their website and setting up business processes for them. Works well on all sides, I think.

Right now, I am re-dying my hair. I am using Loreal Preference Scandinavia…I normally use the equivalent dye in the Loreal Excellence range, but apparently this one will make my hair slightly lighter, so I am using it. It’s no secret that my blonde comes from a bottle. My natural colour is such a boring mouse brown colour that in some lights it looks grey. I have been black with red streaks (which freaked out my rather conservative management line at the extremely conservative IT company I work for), auburn and mahogany, but I think I prefer blonde.

**Not a real company. None of the example domains given are real either.


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