I’ve been trying to publish the following by email since Sunday night, since I haven’t had access to a browser that Blogger would accept a post from. It didn’t work, so here it is now…

Wow! I’ve just attended a land healing conducted by an Aboriginal Elder known as Binjarra (not sure of the spelling, but it apparently means ‘Old Man Possum’) or Uncle Bill. He is from the centre of Pinjarra country which stretches from South Australia to the Gulf of Carpentaria.

The land that was healed today is on the Central Coast of NSW in a beatiful gully near one of the lakes. According to the Elders who were there today, the land was once a good time place, a place of teaching children and relaxing because of it’s natural ampitheatre of rocks and the fact that when it rains, a natural waterfall forms, washing nutrients into the lake and therefore making fish plentiful. But the Elders were sensed that a tragedy occurred there many years ago where a young baby died when the watercourse swelled, and was washed into the lake. The spirits of the parents were choosing to hang around to look after the baby, but so had grandmother, who refused to give the spirit of the baby over to the parents since she felt that they didn’t look after the baby well enough in life.

Firstly, Uncle Bill created a sacred circle of white ochre, leaving one section of the circle open. It was explained to us that this
represented a number of things, including the womb. Inside the circle he lit 3 fires which he allowed to die to red embers. We were each invited to participate in the ritual (as it would also act as a personal healing as well as a land healing) and were marked with white ochre on our wrists in respect for the ancestors (all ancestors, not just Aboriginal), and then three dots on our foreheads, representing mind, body and spirit.

We entered the circle counter-clockwise through a gap that Uncle Bill had left. Once we were all in, he closed the circle with more white ochre. We were warned not to cross the ochre, as it acted as a containment area. He then added Eucalypt leaves and another
plant starting with ‘Y’ whose name I don’t remember on each of the fires to create smoke. One by one, we were called into the centre of the circle, and Uncle Bill wafted smoke on to us 4 times in a cleansing ritual while speaking some words in his language. He then swept an exit in the ochre circle and we exited in a symbolic re-birth.

Once that part of the ritual was over, he started on healing the spirits of the baby and its family. Only the woman who lived in the house, Uncle Bill and his wife took part in this section. The rest of us waited down by the fire until he returned.

We had been asked to voice (not simply think) what we wanted to acheive with this healing, and I had asked for healing and cleansing with regards to my depression. I thought that it was more than coincidence that while we were in the circle, I copped a lot of the Eucalypt etc. smoke due to the wind. When I went there tonight, I thought that I would be witnessing a land healing, not participating in a ritual to heal myself, but I guess sometimes things happen at the right time. Certainly, I did feel uplifted after participating in this ceremony. I only wonder if it will last.


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