Dinner Party

The dinner party went well. Now comes the cleaning up which we can’t do until morning. For some reason our landlord installed a very tiny off-peak hot water system when he renovated this place, so it means that the water only heats between midnight and about 9am. In between, if you use more than a tank of water, then tough luck – cold water.

John made his prawn and corn soup, which as you know already is delicious. That was followed by polenta (with pesto swirls) served with lamb and braised fennell. Super delicious.

The tart came out OK (John says that the tart was looked very professional, had light pastry and tasted great. I also got good feedback from our guests). although it was really difficult to cook it in our oven. For some reason, known only to the designer of the stove, the element is at the top of the oven.

Now, time for some elementary science kiddies…

Does hot air rise or fall?
That’s right, it rises.

Should an oven’s element therefore be at the top or bottom of the oven?
That’s right, the bottom.

Someone really needs to slap that designer about a bit. Blind baking the pastry then baking the filled tart should have been a relatively simple exercise, but was turned into a nightmare as the base of the tart didn’t cook properly. Despite what John says about the tart’s success, I think the filling/pastry at the bottom of the tart could have cooked more. Yet it couldn’t have done without the top overcooking because of the design fault in our oven.


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