Wakey, Wakey! Rise and Shine!

Or if, like me, you seem to be living a vampiric life of sleeping during the day, and being unable to sleep during the night, it’s around about bedtime. Not that I didn’t try to sleep last night. I spent a few hours tossing and turning in bed before I decided it was pointless and got up. It is now exactly 8:16am in the morning as I type this, and although I am exhausted, I am still not sure if I can sleep.

See, that’s the problem. It’s not as if I am not tired, or that I have boundless energy. Rather the opposite, in fact. But I simply cannot seem to sleep. Sleeping pills do not even seem to help. I’ve tried the old standby of Mersyndol as muscle and mind relaxant, to no avail. As you will know if you have read my previous entries, I have even tried to stay awake for 24+ hours, simply so that when I finally drop off, I will at least have gone to sleep at a “normal ” time. That was the theory, anyway.

Enough about sleep.

We are having friends over on Thursday for dinner. John is planning to make his prawn and corn soup for starters (yum), some sort of lamb something for mains (braised, I think). Which leaves the dessert in my department…he he he.

I am planning to make an almond frangipane tart with either raspberries or cherries. For those who don’t know, almond frangipane is a wonderfully delicious, but is certainly not low fat. It’s basically ground almonds folded into creamed butter and sugar, which is then baked.

At the moment I am leaning towards raspberries, since they are fresh and available at present. If I use cherries, they will be the frozen kind – which does work for baked items, but fresh is best, as they say. What I plan to do is fold most of them gently into the frangipane, then bake it with a few strategically placed raspberries half-buried on top. They should bleed yummy juices slightly into the surrounding frangipane. The finished tarts will be served with Anglaise and fresh berries.

Last time I made frangipane tarts, John made some stewed quinces, which we served on top of the tarts with ice cream. Yum. Frangipane can be used with most fruits, but I got the idea for using cherries or berries from the amazing French patisserie that is around the corner. I suppose I could cheat and use theirs, but that’s not exactly form for when one has dinner guests, is it?

I wonder how many times I have typed frangipane in this entry?


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