Ho Hum

My wordy, lordy, yes! It seems like a long time since I have posted properly. I’ve been feeling really down, and

  1. it’s hard to get motivated to type personal details when one is feeling like that
  2. I feel like I already drivel on about my moods enough to bore anyone to tears
  3. what is there to write about?

I could write about what the cats are doing (BORING), or what I did at my Mum’s (BORING) or what I am doing at home on my own (BORING). Which settles it… my life is boring and depressing, so I may as well just write and bore, right?

Whinge # 1 (if you don’t count what I wrote above, that is)
I have had a headache continuously for around 5 days. Asprin, panadol and even mersyndol (parecetemol + codeine, for the non-Aussies) doesn’t get rid of it. I’ve tried aromatherapy remedies. I’ve tried “pulling the pain out” – yes, it really does work…usually – but it didn’t work this time. So the headache thumps on… It’s not a migraine, but the pain gets close to it sometimes. I don’t think it’s sinus. It could be a cluster, but whatever it is it hurts and I want it to go away.

Whinge # 2.
I slept in yesterday and missed my psychiatrist appointment. $185 down the tubes… Maybe that has something to do with my present mood. Anyway, when I called their office, the only appointment they were able to get me is on the 24th, but I am down as being called if there are any cancellations.

Fun Stuff!
I got some of my ebay jewellery when I arrived home – the pearls and the Czech necklace. They both look much better than I expected.

The pearls are very creamy and would look fantastic if I wore them with a low-cut evening dress with my hair up.

The pink beads on the Czech necklace are a much more delicate pink than it looks in the photo – very pearlescent – and the ball at the end (with the tassle) is very Rosemary’s Baby. I keep expecting the old couple from next door to pop in, force me to drink strange concoctions and put foul smelling herbs in my necklace.

Come to think of it, I do hear chanting sometimes late at night….


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