12 steps for Ebay?

Hello. My name is Melanie, and I am an Ebay addict.”

It’s sad but true. What with Guy mentioning ebay to me today (hope you got the poodles things OK), and John logging on to see what Hertzog DVDs are available, I was able to withstand temptation no more. I went straight to my favourite search “+(vintage, retro, estate) -(male, mens, mans, charm, charms, patriotic, pin, watch, brooch, gold), in Category Jewellery, Gems, Watches, available to Australia” and began to browse. Somehow only 30 minutes had passed, and I had already bid US$80 on a variety of vintage jewellery.

See that’s my passion. I love estate and vintage jewellery. It doesn’t have to be “real”, in fact sometimes the more costumey the better. But at this point, I should clarify that I do not buy kitch items as a habit (only sometimes!). Today, my confirmed purchase is a vintage Czech beaded necklace. Isn’t it pretty?
Czech Deco Necklace

The other two items on the left are just as exciting. A 1930’s brass and enamel bracelet from Uraguay. It looks like somthing Frank Lloyd Wright would have tried to incorprate as a motif into one of his buildings. I love it. At present the price is US$15. I hope I win…..pant!
uraguay bracelet

The next one is a faux-pearl (don’t you just love the word faux, such a luxurious way of saying fake!) chocker from the 50’s or 60’s. I’m not sure what I would wear this with yet, but it is a must have.

You know, I’ve noticed something since my Depression
has been in full swing. I seem to jump from obsession to obession (when I can concentrate enought to be obsessive, that is). Jewellery making….jewellery collecting…..ebay purchase…..crochet (don’t ask, it was at my worst!)…..web design….setting up my parent’s site. It’s like I can only take action, do something, when I concentrate on something whole heartedly. Or I’m trying very hard to convince myself that I am getting better and able to do something, while all the while I am not really doing anything. Or my concentration only works for bright and pretty coloured baubles like a bowerbird. Perhaps that is it…

Or perhaps I am just trying to insert meaning in my meaningless life.


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