God, work is boring. I am at MH today, and gee is it fun. I can’t replicate my notes or do anything because I don’t have a network card. I have to keep borrowing Steph’s, which is a pain in the proverbial…..I had a reading a while back which said that I would be shunted in the corner weaving baskets, which is pretty much what is happening in a metaphorical sense. I prefer working over at IC as it is closer to home.

I am heading up to Mum and Dad’s for the weekend, to relax and do some maintenance on their website that I can’t do from home. Then coming back on Sunday in order to have dinner with Garnet & Karina. Karina is cooking some traditional Palestinian food, which should be delicious. I haven’t seen Garnet for a while, so it will be good to catch up.

I’ve completed the article for Angylion, and have posted it, however it doesn’t seem to have updated the page correctly. I decided to use Blogger to post the monthly articles/newsletters as it automatically archives. Much better than having to manually update the links everytime and article is changed. It also means that I can train Mum and Dad to do their own basic updates for articles that they write. The should be able to manage signing on to Blogger and typing the text – it’s nice and straight-forward – no mucking about with FTP etc. So now all I need to do is troubleshoot why the page hasn’t updated. I think I know why, and just have to try the solution when I get home.

The article is called Renewing You: Looking After Your Greatest Asset and is based on a training session I put together for the secretaries a while back on stress management. I have re-written it, however, to customise it to Angylion’s cosy, new-age perspective rather than from a hard-nosed corporate perspective. I think it’s turned out quite well, and plan to syndicate it on a couple of syndication services I have seen. That will help get me exposure for Fatadelic (when I finally finish it, find a home for it and get it online) and for our business, when that gets up and running.

You know the reason that I am not happy at work is that my mind is on other things. I have moved away from “the company” and basically, the only reason I continue to work here is because without the benefits I would have been (and would still be) up the creek with my illness. Really, I would have been on unemployment from around July or August last year if I had been working for any other company. I have just been lucky that it provides much more sick leave for it’s employees than it is required to do by law.

So despite all that, I see my future else where. I want to be in a more creative environment, with more control of my own life and destiny. What am I passionate about? Well, from the amount of time I spend on it, web design. Politically speaking, size acceptance. Yet I do feel a need to teach and heal. Mum and Dad think I have a calling to do what they are doing. I am not so sure.


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