Panicky Mothers

I haven’t posted to my blog over the last couple of days as I have been busy working on and researching for Fatadelic. I’ve found some very good resources on size acceptance and health at any size, so I will be adding those to my links.

John worked last night, although he wasn’t scheduled to, as one of the English chefs wanted to leave early. He rang me from the restaurant asking me if I wanted to come in on Friday morning for Sebastian’s special Good Friday kippers. I said OK as long as I didn’t have to eat kippers or only had to have a little bit of kippers. But it turns out he was joking around with the “lads”. He had told them that Australians only ever eat kippers on Good Friday.

So being Good Friday and all, we are listening to Bach’s St Matthew’s Passion and Allegre’s Misere. There are no Easter buns though, and no fish. In fact John brought meat home for our dinner. “Not on your life”, said I. To which he replied “Are you going to church then, to follow the Stations of the Cross”. Well, I know that given that I am not a practising Christian, or a Christian at all really, that it is a bit ridiculous to cling to the religious rituals I was taught as a child, but I still can’t bring myself to eat meat today.

Update on the dinner on Saturday night… Guy was extremely annoyed with Steph. He thought she was being very rude (read very drunk) and apparently argued with her on the way home about it. It’s interesting that he mentioned it to me without me saying anything about what I was picking up. So I wasn’t being mad after all. He and Phillipe really enjoyed the dinner and John’s cooking.


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