Testing the “Blog This” link to see if it works as a quick update thing.

Our friends just left from the dinner party. It went quite well, although John wasn’t sure that some of the people liked him. I don’t know about that, but I have to say, I did feel like I/we were being judged. Probably my own insecurities more than anything else. The prawn & corn soup was divine, and the spag & meatballs was the best I have ever had. We finished off with super-fluffy ricotta pancakes with maple syrup, strawberries and ice-cream. Yum.

The kittens loved the attention, once they got over the fact that there were strangers in the house. Lexy even cuddled up to SB, and Zelda was, as usual, a snuggle-slut.

As per usual when we have people over, the hot water ran out half way through the night, so we can’t wash up until it heats up again in the morning. The tank is way too small to be off-peak, but apparently we can’t change that. So the end result is that the kitchen looks like a junkyard with pots and pans everywhere. Not looking forward to that in the morning.

Strange things happen…..I discovered Blogger.com last night through a random link and decided to create one. Today we were in a cafe and I read an article in the Sydney Morning Herald about blogs in general, and Blogger.com in specific. Zeitgeist or what?

In any case, this is an interesting experiment. I don’t intend to promote this blog, or to try and get a regular readership. I see it more as a spot where I can write my thoughts. Not private, obviously (since it is on the net), but I really can’t see how hundreds of people would want to read what I think.

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